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Direct Entry Captain

Our direct entry captain program is for eligible pilots who have flown over 5000 hours of total time to include 2000 hours on a transport category jet with 500 hours as pilot in command.  The program consists of a full initial type rating course on the Boeing 737 MAX followed by 75+ hours of line indoctrination.


Flair Airlines is Canada’s only independent ultra-low-cost carrier (ULCC). We are trailblazing with an ambitious, rapid expansion that disrupts the monopolistic practices of Canadian airlines. Flair is growing our fleet, route network, and frequency of flights in record time. There’s nothing stopping us now! We are the pioneers of ultra-low fare travel in Canada, and since our launch in 2017, we’ve brought affordable travel to more than 30 Canadian and North American destination with a fleet of 12 B737 (-8 and NG) aircraft. We’re set to bring on 8 more aircraft in 2022 and operate a fleet of 50 aircraft within the next 4 years.


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